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Books currently available:

America's Shortest Interstate Railroad by Richard L. Schmeling

Attacking the Union Pacific by Thornton Waite

The Border Tier Road by Robert Collins

Burlington Northern Railroad Branch Lines: The Nebraska Experience by Michael M. Bartels and James J. Reisdorff with J. Pete Hedgpeth and Paul R. Boslaugh

Burlington Route: The Wymore Story by Richard C. Kistler

Chicago & North Western: The 400 Club by Bruce C. Nelson

Chicago & North Western E Unit Finale by Bruce C. Nelson

**SALE!** Confessions of a Railroad Crew Van Driver by Darrell D. Wendt

Famous Lost Locomotives of North America by Thornton Waite

The Great Railroad War by Rudolph L. Daniels

Hero of the Rails by James J. Reisdorff

The High Plains Route by Richard C. Kistler

Kansas Central Narrow Gauge by I.E. Quastler

**SALE!** Kansas Curve by Robert P. Olmsted

Last Train to Wymore by David J. Doering

Lloyd Stagner's Union Pacific Steam Safari, 1954-1960 by Lloyd E. Stagner

The Milwaukee Road's Steam, Diesel and Electric Era by Lloyd E. Stagner

North Platte Canteen by James J. Reisdorff

Otto Perry and the Union Pacific Nebraska Division by Michael M. Bartels and James J. Reisdorff

Passenger Trains of Denver by John D. Mummert

The Pioneer Zephyr by By James J. Reisdorff and Michael M. Bartels

Power for the Streamliners by Robert P. Olmsted

Rails Across Martha's Vineyard by Herman Page

Rails to the Rosebud by Vernon F. Linnaus with Michael M. Bartels

**SALE!** A Real, Live Railroad by Vernon F. Linnaus

Rock Island Town by Michael M. Bartels

Rock Island Westward, Volume 3 by Thomas R. Lee

Santa Fe Steam Survivors by Lloyd E. Stagner with Bob Yarger

**SALE!** The Town That Loved KATY by I.E. Quastler and James J. Reisdorff

Trains Of Council Bluffs and Omaha, photos by Carl Hehl and Art Zimmerla

The Trains of Lincoln Station by Richard L. Schmeling and Michael M. Bartels

The Trolley Car Era in Lincoln by Richard L. Schmeling, Michael M. Bartels & James L. McKee

Union Pacific and Omaha Union Station by Carla Johnson

Union Pacific Big Boys In Action By James J. Reisdorff and Michael M. Bartels

The Union Pacific Centennial Locomotive by James J. Reisdorff and Michael M. Bartels

Union Pacific Engineer by Edwina "Curlie" Justus

Union Pacific Nebraska Depots by James L. Ehernberger

Union Pacific Railroad and the Teton Valley Branch by Thornton Waite

Union Pacific Steam Survivors by Lloyd E. Stagner with Bob Yarger

Union Pacific West From Leavenworth by I.E. Quastler

**SALE!** Union Pacific's Topeka Rails by Robert P. Olmsted

Union Pacific Yellow, Nebraska Central Red by Michael M. Bartels and James J. Reisdorff

Unusual Airlines and Airliners by I.E. Quastler

West to Omaha by Jack Kelly

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