A Real, Live Railroad

A Real, Live Railroad

The 40-Year Saga of the Ill-fated Yankton-Norfolk Line

By Vernon F. Linnaus

64 pages, paperback

** SALE PRICE ** $4.95

This is the second in a series (The Border Tier Route was the first) of inexpensive monograph booklets from South Platte Press that cover some of the lesser-known subjects of Great Plains railroad history. A Real, Live Railroad is a detailed human interest account of one of the more intriguing and mysterious efforts to build a railroad between two major Midwest cities. For more than 40 years (1887-1929), many different dreamers, schemers and serious industrialists attempted to construct a rail line between the trade centers of Yankton, S.D., and Norfolk, Neb. These efforts all failed despite the construction of both the roadbed and a major bridge across the Missouri River! A must read for the railroad archeologist and historian, with text, maps and photos.

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Praise for this book:

"This is an enjoyable look at what might have been, but never was. We suspect there are many similar failed ventures like this around. It is to the credit of this author that he took the time to preserve this interesting slice of railroad history for us."

-- Richard Schmeling, editor,
The Main Line
Lincoln (Neb.) Railfans Club

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