Chicago & North Western and the Fox River Valley Railroad

The History and Motive Power of a Wisconsin Regional, 1988-1993

By Bruce C. Nelson

160 pages, softcover
280 color illustrations 



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The origins, operations and dissolution of the modern Fox River Valley Railroad were closely tied to its relationship with the Chicago & North Western Railway. The two roads were closely entwined, ranging from the physical property to a majority of the rolling stock, and culminating with FRVR’s ultimate absorption by and contribution to a railroad system conceived and run by a former North Western executive. Ranging from the immediate predecessor of all its lines, or the complex planning exercises used to market the property, this book revolves as much around C&NW’s fortunes and business plan during the 1980s and 1990s as it does the Fox River Valley.

NOTE: The production of this title will be limited. There will be no reprint once the original supply is sold out.

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